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  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Elizabeth Churchill, you can get the number (instead of the percentage) by following the recipe only through step 7.

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Saren Black, you should be able to get a report like that by using the following two metrics:

    • Abandoned inbound calls (using the D_COUNT aggregator)
    • Call duration (sec) (using the AVG aggregator)

    You can then add an attribute filter of Call - Date and click Edit date ranges to select whatever time range you'd like to see.

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Andre Lee!

    Not at the moment. But the team is making plans to address this in 2022 but no tentative date yet since this would be dependent on many factors. One of them being that they are 3rd party vendors.

  • Saren Black

    This is very helpful. Is there also a way to adjust this recipe to get an average time that calls are abandoned over a specific time period? (Last week, last month, etc.)

  • Andre Lee

    Hi, will this recipe also apply to Talk Partner Edition?

  • Elizabeth Churchill

    Great article! I have more of a question. How do I change the calculation so I get the number of abandoned calls within 20 seconds?



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