Can I change the outbound caller number?

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  • John Mannewitz

    This response of YES, does not seem to be accurate.  If I call out from any of my external numbers, they all say TOLL FREE NUMBER.  Is there a way around this to show the name which I have it listed as?  Do I have to go directly to Twilio to control this?

  • Hervin
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi John,

    Unfortunately it is not currently possible to change your caller ID to reflect your business name on Zendesk Talk. This article briefly explains that you can change the number that appears when making outbound calls through Talk. Ultimately your carrier is the only authority for the CNAM value (caller ID name) associated with your phone number. They can change the name or remove the name entirely. If Twilio is your carrier, you will want to reach out to their support team to see how they may be able to help.

    One last thing I would like to note is that even if your carrier can process your change to the CNAM value for your number, we cannot guarantee your business name will show up on every call as that depends on all the carriers involved. Please accept our apologies for this limitation and I hope this information helps!

    Hervin | Customer Advocate

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  • Sarah Wasvick

    Hello! So if I am understanding this correctly, if I change the phone number to our main line number (what we would list on our phone bill), then we could work with our service provider on that end to ensure the company name appears? Thanks so much for your help! 

  • Plo Mangsat
    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for reaching us at Zendesk. This feature to show your company name on the outbound calls is only available for USA numbers. If you have a USA number, you can contact your carrier and have them change your CNAM. To apply for this, please gather the info stated in and open a request with Zendesk Support.  
    Let me know if this helps clear things.
  • Sarah Wasvick

    Thanks! We will definitely look into that for our US office. I appreciate your help!


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