Using Liquid markup to set agent signatures

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  • Luke Alexander

    I don't understand why ticket.requester.language is not possible to reference in liquid for agent signatures. If you have multilingual agents, it should be possible to have not just macros that change language with dynamic content, but also agent signatures. Am I missing something here?

  • Anton Olenev

    Hey Zendesk experts,

    I need to set up a custom disclaimer in an agent signature depending on the group that a ticket belongs. I thought I can use with dynamic content but you don't support 'ticket' in signatures. What can I use instead? 

    And +1 to Luke's claim.

  • Austin Killey
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Luke Alexander and Anton Olenev, thank you both for reaching out:

    Luke - that's some super solid context, and I do have to agree on the use cases here being super important for multilingual agent signatures.  I'll have a workaround for you and Anton shared below, but if you haven't already, I absolutely want to recommend making your voice heard through a feature request in our feedback forums here. It'll be super important to have a Zendesk admin like yourself being the one to initially submit that feedback so our product teams can track it.

    Anton and Luke - got you covered with a couple options here:

    The most readily available and native option that we could throw in as an immediate workaround is relocating the text of agent signatures away from the *actual* agent signature area, and instead pasting it within your trigger email notifications, since we can thankfully use all the Liquid conditions and language-specific text we want in the email bodies of trigger notification actions.

    For my personal recommendation though, I feel that both of you would be much better off with a 3rd-party option by using this Support app called Zignatures. Not only is it free, but it acts like a quick little text injector: You can add just about any Liquid or language conditions you can think of, and the Zignatures app can take over as the dedicated agent signature area.

    That app also supports some HTML formatting as well, so not only could you set up multilingual signatures or condition-based text, but you could also use extra font/style HTML formatting beyond what our native agent signatures can do with Markdown language.   While Zendesk wouldn't be able to officially guarantee its performance, I use it often on my own and can vouch for it as a good solution here.

    Thank you both for checking in here - let us know if you need anything else!


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