Detecting an end-user's language from an email message

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  • Franck BADIN


    I have a question about automatic language detection when a new user is created automatically from an request received by E-mail.

    We do not have German as a localized language in our Zendesk.

    We have, English (US), French, Spanish and Ducth.

    If someone writes us in German should the language be defaulted in English or another language based on the below point:

    • If the detected language is not enabled in your account, the language preference is set to the closest matched language enabled in your account. For example, you receive an email that contains Hungarian and that is not one of your enabled languages, but German is enabled. In this case, German, as the nearest match is set as the user's language.

    Best regards



  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi @...,

    For new users, their language is automatically detected by the text contained in the body of their first email sent to your Support account. The system scans the email content to look for the closest matched language enabled in your account if the language is not supported.

    With your use-case, I quickly run a test on my end to see how the system will detect the language, and the new user who writes in German was set with the English language.

  • Khajik Khajadourian

    This says it's enabled for French. Is it French-Canadian as well? 

  • Karen Stephen

    @... I think you can find it under Canadian French.  (It's where I had to find Canadian English - it wasn't with the other 'English' languages for some reason...)


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