Automatically tagging tickets from specific users and organizations

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  • Nicola Bachelor


    Don't know if anyone can help, but can you apply a user tag to customers that come from a specific channel - e.g. new Twitter customers? Either within Support settings or via API. 

    Essentially, I'd like to bulk delete these users after a certain time period so that we're not storing data for customers longer than is needed. I think I could maybe bodge this by applying a tag to a ticket then finding all of these tickets after say 1 year then matching it against user data but it's a lot more work. 

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    Please note that you may do that either manually or via API, but not directly via triggers or automations in Support.

    If you are doing it with an API, you would search for the channel in the "via" object.

    Once you have detected which channel the ticket has, you can look for the requester id in the ticket and look up their profile and tag them using the Users API.

    For more info:

    Adding tags to users and organizations

    Tickets API

    Via object reference

    Users API

    Hope that helps!


  • Melody Quinn

    Is it possible to add a tag based on a custom text field from the organization record?

    I am trying to create a view based on a custom field on the organization record that is synced from Salesforce. The custom field is the organization’s account executive (AE).  The AE’s need to see all their clients ’ opened tickets in one view. I am not sure how I can use tags since the AEs on the organization could change from time to time and when a change occurs, any opened tickets would end up with 2 tags on them.

    Note: the custom field is a text field, and from it appears you can not create a tag based on a text field. 

    Any ideas would greatly be appreciated!

  • Dana Coffman

    Is there a way to get a report of Agents with X tag regardless if they have Tickets or not?


    We added Tags to Agents to identify the supervisor they work under.  We want a report that shows the Agents name and the tag of the supervisor.  I don't care if they have tickets or not.

  • Kate L

    Hi Dana,

    While we have option to report on user data in Explore, if you are simply after pulling a list of your agents with their tags, you can also use the Search Users API end-point to get a list of agents in a JSON format file. Below is an example call using this endpoint to get the list of your agents:

    To include both your agents and admins, you can use:[]=agent&role[]=admin

    You can then parse and export the response as JSON file then convert to CSV or XSL file using a third-party converter. The article on How do I export a list of users? will give you additional options on how you can export your users.

    Hope this helps!


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