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  • Heather Firth

    I have tried to access our sitemap, but the link doesn't work. I get the page cannot be found error. Has the location changed, or are there any configuration options that might change this?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Heather –
    Just to confirm, you've tried https://{your subdomain}.zendesk.com/hc/sitemap.xml, and that's not working?
  • Ronja Sindek


    our SEO-Monitoring Tool told us different problems we should optimize. One is, that we have many <images> without the necessary <alt> tag, it turns out, that the profile-pictures don´t have the alt-tag. Zendesk should change this.

  • John E


    One of our SEO concerns is the incomplete HREFLANG tag associated with our Help Center.  We do not utilize the multiple language features of the Help Center.  

    Is there a way to modify the templates or code of the Help Center to remove or change the details of this tag?

    <link rel="alternate" hreflang="en" href="https://help.pyramydair.com/hc/en-us/articles/{article_title}/>
  • Gregg Temperley

    This article mentions Canonicalization but the guide admin panel doesn't seem to offer the ability to use this type of tag.

    Where do we set these up?

  • Ricardo Pereira

    Hi, our Google Search Console is returning an error:

    "Page is not indexed: Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user"

    "User-declared canonical: https://support.enviolo.com/hc/en-us"

    "Google-selected canonical: https://support.enviolo.com/"
    If the indexation is automatic, how can I hope to solve this issue - can anyone help?
  • Sebastian Carvajal Correa

    hello everyone!

    currently, my XML sitemap automatically generated by Zendesk looks like this:

    Do you know how I can solve it?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    You can try to convert it to another format so that you can read it directly. Perhaps a beautified JSON will work.
  • Lorenzo

    Any plan to add the option to edit the meta title and meta content of individual articles in the Zendesk Guide/Help Center?


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