Keyboard shortcuts for formatting knowledge base articles

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  • Ryan Mumby

    2nding @... comment, bullets are EVERYWHERE in our our help centers and not having a keyboard shortcut is extremely time consuming.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi @... and @... -

    Thanks for this feedback - would one of you mind posting this to the Guide Feedback section in our Community, and the other can add vote it up and add a comment? Feedback on Guide

    Here's how to create a product feedback post that will have the most impact: Product feedback guidelines & how to write a good feedback post

    Knowing specifics about how often this is an issue and how much of your agents' time is consumed working around it gives us a better idea of the impact. Thanks!

  • John Rowe

    It appears that the key commands are hard coded to the PHYSICAL keys pressed and not the letters being pressed. This is unlike EVERY other app and website I use on my computer, so it is a programming choice by Zendesk. Please switch the logic so that it reacts to the letter being pressed and not the key being pressed.

    This probably doesn't make sense until you understand that I use the Dvorak keyboard layout on my computer. That means most of the letters are in different places on my keyboard than on the standard QWERTY keyboard. For example, on the Dvorak keyboard, the "C" key is where the "i" key is on the QWERTY keyboard. So when I press "Command-C," on the Zendesk site, it doesn't copy the text I selected, it italicizes it. When I press "Command-X" on my keyboard, the Zendesk site makes my selection bold because my X key is where the B key is physically on the QWERTY keyboard.

    Again, I have checked and this does not happen in any other app on my Mac nor does it happen in any other website. So it is a choice that the Zendesk programmers made. I'm assuming it's not a difficult fix.

  • Jomar Ferreras (he/him)

    Please change the Mac shortcut keys for Header formatting from Ctrl+Alt+1 to Ctrl+Opt+1

  • Hayley

    Is there a shortcut for leaving code snippets?

    like this:


    Being a software support centre, we often have articles about the use of functions and troubleshooting parameters, etc.

    I have to open the HTML code editor, find every function in my writing, and wrap it in code tags to add a code snippet that sits in line with normal text.

    How I want this to work:

    A button (like the code-block button) and a shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+X)

    This is the existing code-block button in Zendesk.

     Instead of inserting an entire code block div, the new shortcut or button will enter a short code snippet.

    Slack does this perfectly, and has both options available to the user:

    Note that the </> icon in Slack refers to the code snippet shortcut I am looking for. This same icon </> is used to open the HTML editor in Zendesk. I'd be happy with a keyboard shortcut for code snippets.

    Please help.





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