Editing and deleting custom pages in your theme

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  • Lisa Kugler

    Hello, I'm curious about the content in my current help center. If we update / customize the generic 'Copenhagen' theme, is it safe to assume the content in the categories and sections we have created will remain unaffected? Our dev team will be streamlining a custom theme in our existing help centers into a new one that has about 70% of the articles already created and awaiting approval. Just want to be certain....

  • Casey Keefe

    Hi Zendesk - Is there any way to delete the default templates for pages that are unused on our Help Center, such as community_topic_page.hbs ? Or, if not, a way to make them inaccessible to users?

    Please note that this question pertains to the default templates and not custom.

    Thank You!

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Casey,

    Thanks for your question. For avoiding any system errors, we highly recommend deactivating the "Community" page via the System Guide settings there:
    Gather Settings -> Activate Community -> OFF

    Hope it helps
  • Casey Keefe

    Thank you @... - I will take a look! I forgot about the built-in System Guide Settings.


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