What is the organization subscription notification within ticket events?

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  • Tim G

    Thanks i u l i a !

    I noticed one of our partners mentioning that they've been getting emails for tickets that they're not cc'd on recently - and troubleshooting led me to this article. So first off - thank you for creating the article!!

    I had a few questions - wondered if you'd be able to help out please?

    1. Is this a 'new' thing? E.g. has something around the following/subscription changed recently?
    2. We have quite a few partners of ours who are set up to "view tickets for the whole org" - the organizations themselves aren't shared in any way, it's just specific users in the org. Would they suddenly start getting notifications, if there was a recent change on the Zendesk side? Or would they have to go into their login in the help centre customer portal, and specifically 'Follow' the organization, to get these notifications? 
    3. If there's someone who is getting notified about every reply on every ticket from their organization, is another solution for them to: Log into the Customer Portal > Select 'My Activities' from the profile drop down > change to the 'Organization requests' tab > next to the search bar, click the 'unfollow' button next to the org name. Will that allow the customer to keep viewing the organization tickets in the customer portal, but not receive update emails about every ticket?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Esther Garnica

    Hi Tim, 

    Let me reply on behalf of my colleague!

    1- This feature to follow and unfollow organizations requests has been available for a number of years :) 

    2- If your partners want to start getting those notifications, they will have to specifically 'Follow' that organization from the 'My Activities' section after they've logged in to the Help Centre portal.

    3- That's right, by 'unfollowing' the organization from the 'My Activities' section, the user will stop all those notifications but will still be able to view those ticket updates from the Help Centre portal. 

    Hope this helps to answer your queries, but let me know if it doesn't!


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