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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Petey,
    It seems like your correspondence has come to the wrong place! You've reached Zendesk support, and it sounds like you're probably trying to reach someone who *uses* our software to provide support. We make software that companies use to give their customers a way to contact them, but we don't actually provide support for their product, just the channel for communication.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to forward your email on so please try reaching them directly from their website!
  • Petey Pinedo

    How do recover my information and accounts you guys have reviewed for me and get them back if someone hacked my account and changed all my information????

    I been waiting for a response I'm a victim of identity theft it is being investigated and I need help best and safest way to reach me is by phone

    Pete Pinedo 6618006935

      2129 Lake st.

    Bakersfield CA 93305 

    only bank account information is

     Valley Strong Credit Union acc#4523   routing#322273722

    Pete Pinedo 07/31/1988





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