Explore recipe: Creating alternate SLA metrics

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  • Leif Cederblom

    I am trying to encourage managers to go after the most overdue by SLA tickets.  In effect, I am trying to achieve in Explore what a view in the support interface sorted by SLA would look like.   Thus, I am trying to understand effectively the difference between the current metric breach time - the metric target time.  However, I cannot figure out how to get the current metric time value.  It seems like this would be a really basic desire/need for reporting on SLAs, so I must be missing something here... help?  Thanks in advance.

  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Leif Cederblom! At this time, Explore only captures SLA durations after the target has been fulfilled. There is no way to create an Explore report that shows live SLA counters for breached tickets. 

    This is due to how Explore syncs data. It isn't a live feed; it pulls data at periodic intervals. That means it has no way to maintain live durations for metrics. Explore can't tell whether an SLA has been fulfilled until after the next data sync, so durations would be stale.

    If you need to monitor active SLAs in real time, we recommend using Views. You can export Views to CSV as well if needed. Explore is better suited for historic reporting.

    I hope this helps!

  • Matt Taylor

    Hi Amy Dee

    Looking at the attributes in the following

    IF [Alternate: SLA target status] = "Breached"
    THEN [Ticket ID]

    It doesn't appear that "Alternate" is a valid entry for Standard calculated metric. Is this something I'm missing?

    Additionally, for the screenshot, it looks like Alternate: SLA target status was added as an attribute, but the steps say to add it as a metric. Should this be updated to reflect that it should be an attribute?


  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Matt, 

    Per the instructions above, Alternate: SLA target status should be created as an attribute. 

    Once you have this created, you can then proceed in creating the metrics: Alternate: Achieved SLA tickets and  Alternate: Breached SLA tickets.

  • Franck BADIN


    I would like to have an indicator of 1st reply SLA breach Yes/No but within the Support Dataset.

    The objective is to have a report with 1 line per ticket.

    I do manage to find the right way to create the calculated metrics.

    It would be in textual form like that


    IF Ticket priority is Urgent and if First reply in business hours is higher than 1 then Breached

    IF Ticket priority is High and if First reply in business hours is higher than 4 then Breached

    IF Ticket priority is Medium and if First reply in business hours is higher than 8 then Breached

    IF Ticket priority is Low and if First reply in business hours is higher than 8 then Breached

    IF not breached then NOT breached


    Can someone help me on how to translate this for Explore?

    Best regards

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Franck,

    You can try to use this one:
    IF (VALUE(First reply time - Business hours (min)) >= 60) AND ([Ticket priority]="Urgent")
    OR (VALUE(First reply time - Business hours (min)) >= 120) AND ([Ticket priority]="High")
    OR (VALUE(First reply time - Business hours (min)) >= 180) AND ([Ticket priority]="Normal")
    OR (VALUE(First reply time - Business hours (min)) >= 240) AND ([Ticket priority]="Low")
    THEN  "Breached"
    ELSE "Met"
    You can change the value of the First Reply time depending on your preference.

  • Mayra

    We have set the SLAs for the support team in a structure on Zendesk where the 1st Reply and the Full Time Resolution are on the same policy. For the Full Time Resolution, we only consider the Agent Work Time (disregarding Pending and On-Hold stages).

    I have successfully created a metric to see the % of SLA achieved for First Reply, but I'm not sure how to set it up for Full Resolution. Can you help me?

  • Mayra

    Also, I have encountered a problem checking the SLA for our calls (Voice/Talk).


    In this image, for example, the register of the call was only input at 07:52 (after the call was finished), so it looks like it has breached our SLA (up to 1 minute), but in fact, the agent answered the call in less than one minute. How can I resolve this to match our SLA for First Reply?


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