Using Microsoft Teams in side conversations

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  • Chris Sinclair

    Will direct messaging be a thing at some point? I have agents jumping out of Zendesk to get faster responses from requestors via teams. It would be better if we could do this in Zendesk.

  • Dan Weber

    Direct messaging would also be useful to us. Right now that is one of our main ways to interact with our users.  It also would allow us to capture the conversation into the ticket, which the conversation also can have a lot of valuable information in it that we have to just copy/paste into the ticket in order to capture it.

  • Philipp Schumacher

    Direct messaging would benefit us a lot too as most of our techs in the field use microsoft teams.

    Having the whole conversation at one point would be really beneficial.


  • Josef Prandstetter

    Support for "Direct messages" would boost this feature for our daily operations - mainly in these scenarios:

    • Support requesting assistance by a dedicated developer from R&D
    • If the support has to clarify certain details with the sales/marketing/... department 
  • +1 for Direct Messaging

  • Anastasia Kachanova

    +1 for Direct Messaging

  • Testing Only

    +1 for Direct Messaging, it would be the most useful feature for us too. 

    Is it already being worked on? If so, a quick update to all of us would be nice.

  • Peter Rittau

    +1 more for direct messaging

  • David Birnbaum

    +1 here.  We mostly use direct messaging for everything, frankly, the Channels just don't work nearly as well as their equivalent in Slack.  So, we just create Chats, rename them, and then they function perfectly as a channel equivalent.

  • Mark Ganusevič

    This feature is not usable for us without direct messages.

    Also, it would be great to be able to use MS Teams to schedule calls/meetings via a ticket.

  • I agree, we need the feature of Teams chat directly with an Associate also on Teams.

  • Chris Koboldt

    Upvoting and commenting to also ask that direct messaging in Teams be added. 

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Direct Messaging +1

  • Atanas Tomov

    +1 for Direct Messaging

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Will this be added to Macros?


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