Editing and managing ticket forms

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  • Qasim

    Can system field names in ticket forms be edited? I want to edit "Subject" to "Problem summary" so people type in the problem keywords and are able to get relevant help center article suggestions based on the keywords before even creating the ticket. With "Subject" most people treat it as an email subject line and write "Hello" or similar messages. 

  • Paolo
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Qasim,
    Unfortunately, the Subject field cannot be edited. This is one of the Non-editable fields as mentioned here.
    Paolo | Technical Support Engineer | Zendesk
  • Simon Lovitt

    How can multiple users edit a form? I want to do chain approval , but allow each user to make edits before forwarding or replying?

  • JR Lausin
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Simon,

    Do you mean only allow certain agents to have permission to edit a ticket form?
    If yes you can consider creating a custom role for certain agents and give them access to edit the ticket form 

    If this is not what you referring to just reply and tell us more about your question.


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