Release notes through 2023-04-21

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  • Shayan Moussawi

    As of today (24th of April 2023) the Timezone of a customer is part of their important details panel in the User profile.

    This is not necessarily an issue, however this leads to the problem that the time zone is also displayed in Agent workspace - causing a more cluttered Agent experience, especially since the timezone is not a relevant piece of information for us.

    The display in agent workspace is also less than ideal, spanning 2 rows:

    It would be good if Zendesk would communicate changes which impact the agent experience with us in advance, instead of just pushing them to production. 

    Additionally I noticed, that opening the Organization of a user, through the context panel also reloads the page... 

    Why is Zendesk pushing changes to production without informing their users. This leads to a significant decrase in agent experience, and was not communicated at all, meaning that many admins will not even know that their agent experience is significantly impacted by this. 


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