Linking, quoting, and pinning content to tickets

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  • Riley

    Is there a way to turn off the pin feature on an agent level? I keep clicking on it by accident. 

  • Rina

    Is it possible to generate a trigger that auto-pins a specific article or number of articles to a ticket that comes into the New list?

    It would be useful to agents where 'close my account' is mentioned, so it's the first article they see upon looking in Knowledge base for the process we follow

  • Collin McNulty

    I concur with a need to have this be an action that can be specified for a trigger. We have organization-based guides that I'd like to pin to all tickets from that organization.

  • Christine Diego
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Riley,
    At the moment, there's no settings that will allow you to disable the pin to ticket option in agent level. You can only turn it off by disabling the agent workspace on the account level, based on this article, but you can post this as a feature request in our feedback forum.  
    Hi Katrina and Collin,
    You can definitely post this as a feature request in our feedback forum, our Product Team reviews this forum regularly and it has inspired many of the enhancements we've made to Zendesk over the years.
  • Kelvin Raymond

    I made a suggestion that we should be able to pin articles with automations and triggers. 

    Reference: Pin helpcenter articles with triggers

    This would be a super awesome tool for organizations to pin helpful internal articles to help out customer service.


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