Announcing changes to the trigger conditions and actions drop-down menus

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  • Rudolph Beaton
    Zendesk Luminary

    Shishir Sharma This is change is not good for us. Check this out:

    This change it SO much harder to build triggers because I now have to scroll through years of unused custom ticket fields to find the most-used actions. Sure, I can search by keyword, but sometimes when I'm theory-crafting a trigger, I like to scroll through the possibilities to see if anything inspires me. Also, if I don't have all the core ticket action names memorized, it's now much harder to search for them.

    It doesn't seem like advanced (or cluttered, I admit) Zendesk configurations were considered when this change was implemented. 

    Please consider reverting this change or implementing changes that either allow us to hide custom ticket fields, or allow us to organize the trigger conditions/actions in some other way.

  • Lauren Fosgett

    Agree with Rudolph Beaton - it would be helpful if Ticket metadata (Created/Updated, Status, Tags etc) was separate from Custom Ticket Fields in both Trigger Conditions and Trigger Actions.

  • Sydney Neubauer
    Zendesk Luminary

    Agreed - the problem we have is that Group is no longer the top suggestion.

    Previous: I could search for Gr and it would appear at the top of the list for easy seletion

    New: I have to search for Gro and it is no longer at the top, instead I have to scroll for it. In fact, even searching for Group does not make it show at the top

  • mfg

    This change has been difficult to work with.

    While alphabetizing the options during autocomplete has its merits, burying the system standard conditions/actions makes it very difficult when you're navigating hundreds of custom fields, even if it narrows it down to a few dozen. Standard conditions/actions should be focused somehow, either with a highlight in the drop down or by pinning them to the top (ie standard, then custom).

    Terminology is also difficult relative to the previous setup. It took three tries using "notify" (the category doesn't show up in autocompletes), "requester", and then "email" to figure out how to find this action. 

  • DJ Jimenez

    Agreeing with the sort order feedback. Having system standard fields at the top of the list then listing custom fields afterwards was always useful since they're used more often when creating rules. I do like the grouping to get to Organization and User fields quicker, but the alphabetization makes it difficult to work with, especially since creating / updating conditions is not as keyboard-solo friendly as before (creating macro actions is still keyboard friendly - please don't change it).

  • Amie Brennan

    hey Shishir Sharma,

    As a Zendesk implementation partner, I am really struggling with this like many of the others above me who've commented with their feedback. 

    • As a ZD admin who implements many triggers a day across multiple customer accounts, this change has now added significant time to trigger building workflow. 
    • I'd much prefer if this change could be reverted back, it's not bringing any benefit to admins which I can see so far. 
    • It takes me longer to find the system standard fields that are used regularly in trigger creation compared to the previous UI. 
    • When doing a keyword search for a field, I used to be able to click to down arrow on my keyboard and it selected the first option in the list. - This was a huge time saver for people who use keyboard shortcuts regularly. This no longer works and just adds more time to my workflow now I have to physically click my mouse. 
    • I feel it's a less intuitive UI than what it was previously. 
  • Anastasia Kachanova

    +1 for Amie's feedback. Current change is difficult to work with and seems to make ZD Admins life more complicated than before. Please re-consider this change. 

  • mfg

    sorry but after two weeks working with this UI change, I'm dreading going in and working with triggers.


    I definitely want to echo feedback from Amie about keyboard navigation / shortcuts being effectively broken. 

  • Jacquelyn Brewer
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. I'll make sure the Product team is aware of your difficulties and suggestions.

  • Joel Hellman

    Shishir Sharma

    Before this change, I could search for a value and this the "down" arrow key to quickly move to and select the value, and then move on to the next field (e.g. the operator). 

    Right now, the arrow down doesn't trigger any more, so I have to do everything with my mouse. It's not the worst, I'm but quickly modifying and creating business rules is quite nice, and I miss it. 

    Can we add back this feature? For consistency and ease of use?

    Here is a animation for context:

    Again, before, I could just search for the field, and then hit down button to move down to select the value. Now the down arrow doesn't respond for the redesign component (the first field). It still works fine for the other fields. 




  • Atanas Tomov

    +1 on Amie's comment and reverting back.

    The previous trigger building workflow was much more intuitive and easy to work with.

  • Sam

    I am in shock that Zendesk released this "feature" and the supporting documentation on the SAME day.  

    Not only is that hierarchical layer not searchable (i.e. you cannot search the "Ticket details >") yet you can see the meta layer in the trigger builder, but now there are legacy email suppression rules that have also been lost as part of this release.


    I know of at least one other zendesk customer that has reached out to me because this is happening and everyone is getting duplicative emails.


    This shouldn't be a problem – Zendesk automatically suppresses email notifications sent to the ticket Requester if they're they one who updated the ticket: see "Notifications: Email user" in this article: Trigger conditions and actions reference
    "There's a known limitation for using the Email user + (requester and CCs) action and the Ticket + is + Updated conditions in triggers. Support suppresses emails to a user if the ticket update is from that same user. This is expected behavior to eliminate redundant emails."
    If Zendesk is going to make a huge change like this to the engine of the workflow building tools, there should be more advanced notice with videos and instructional documentation at minimum.  
    Let alone generally intuitive User Experience and Design.  The results tabulation is very scattered and non-intuitive/logical.  At this point, if people want to understand what kinds of conditions they can select, unless they magically type in a query that matches something, they would have to be psychic to know what else there is that they can use, and what it is specifically called.
    Trying to search for the layer (i call it element) up that Zendesk kicks back with this new " [element] > [condition]" doesn't even return results, so it's not like a true folder hierarchy which is bizarre.  i.e. for "Notify by >> X" if you search for "notify by", nothing is returned.  So why have it there? 
    I am also HIGHLY in support of a roll back, for numerous reasons.
  • Carmelo Rigatuso

    Creating triggers is now 10x more annoying.

    Custom fields should be separated from the ticket meta data, as previously suggested. And given the number of custom fields (I'm sure we all have tons) they could even be further organized by type (drop-down, text, checkbox, etc.)

    Also, why is an exact match so far down? 


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