Announcing webhook subscriptions to agent availability events

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  • Nora

    How do you use it when an agent's status changes when you are not able to create a trigger for that?

  • Volkan Akdugan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nora
    Zendesk does not currently offer triggers based on agent statuses. However, it does publish events whenever there is a change in an agent's status. If you need to initiate an action or set up monitoring in a third-party application due to a change in an agent's status within Zendesk, you can subscribe to agent availability event webhooks for this purpose.

    To utilize webhook functionality for changes in agent status in Zendesk, you should:

    1. Navigate to the webhook settings in Zendesk and create a new webhook.
    2. Subscribe the webhook to agent availability events.
    3. Specify the endpoint URL to which Zendesk will send the webhook.
    4. Process the incoming webhook data on your server to carry out the necessary action triggered by the change in an agent's status

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