Knowledge Capture Publishing Workflow


  • Jennifer Rowe

    Thanks for sharing this, Andrew! 

    I love that you've built a custom design into your template article. I didn't think about that. In the past we've wanted some articles (a getting started, for example) to have a different look and feel than other articles, but we couldn't do it (unless we added the custom code to each individual article) because there is one article template. But with the KC app, you can customize each template. Great idea.

    You mentioned that in your workflow, all your new Created articles are in Draft status. So you, as the publisher, just monitor the Drafts list to see what comes in for your review, yes? And are you the only one acting as a publisher?

    Awesome. Thanks again for posting!

  • Andrew Schreiner

    Yes that's correct about the draft status. I setup some filters on the drafts as well to monitor the sections I care about. Right now I'm the only publisher but likely this will change in the future as we just started using Guide for our Knowledge base 

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Oh, yes, filters are a good idea on the drafts. I'll add that to my workflows best practices article. :)

  • Dan Cooper

    The custom templates are something I’m starting to play with more now. We are moving to another Zendesk instance soon and one of the things we are doing is removing our community (internal usage is tough to get when everyone knows they can just contact the team directly) so I’m looking into a template for announcements.

    Thanks for sharing!


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