Stopping Auto-response loops


  • Graeme Carmichael
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    Welcome to Zendesk.

    The blacklisting option would suspend the tickets from contractors. You could then review the suspended tickets and delete the items that relate to automated responses. There is a risk of human error and the process is manual so probably not an option as you say.

    Unfortunately, you can only whitelist and not blacklist based on the email subject. That would have solved your problem.

    If you are on the Team Plan or above, you can edit your triggers to automate a solution.

    Create a new Trigger with the condition:

    • Ticket:Comment text contains the following string:xxx

    Where xxx is something you can use to identify the automated response emails. This can either be in the subject or email body.

    The trigger should perform the action:

    • Ticket:Add Tags:automated_response
    • Ticket status: Solved

    Also add actions to set any mandatory fields that agents set before solving tickets. 

    Place this trigger near the top of your trigger list. This ensures it fires before other triggers.

    Now modify your triggers that send notifications to customers. Add the condition to the ALL section.

    • Ticket Tags:Contains none of the following:automated_response

    This will prevent notices being set to customers.

  • Cyril Bouthors
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    If you modify the notification trigger, your agents won't be notified as well.


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