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  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Antonio,

    Thank you for feedback. We have been discussing the possibility to help you analyse your macro usage. Here are some of the use cases we are considering:

    - identify what macro(s) were used in tickets with good / bad satisfaction. The main action is to identify what macros may be contributing to low satisfaction and may need to be rethought.

    - identify what types of one-touch tickets with good / bad satisfaction may / may not be using macros. The main action is to identify if  / what macros are missing.

    - identify who uses what macros, and with what satisfaction. The main action is to identify a possible knowledge gap within the team(s). 

    - identify usage frequency of macros. The main action is to identify what macros could be phased out.


    Would you have additional use cases you would like us to consider?

    Kind regards


  • Chris Bulin

    Hi Vincent. It would be great if we could identify which macros push usage to our KB. 

  • Nimrod Barnea

    Reporting on macros would be a huge help. The ask to use tags is kind of weird, we shouldn't need to hack your system :)


    As mentioned above, satisfaction per macro would be great. Also first reply and full resolution times. What would also be nice is to see Bayesian connections, e.g what is the probability macro B will be used if macro A was used before.



  • Heather R

    We use macros for a lot of things and would love to know how often each of them are being used and on what tickets. Critical info for us would be:

    • List of hyperlinked tickets
    • Who used it and what group
    • What Date/time
    • Group or Personal macro?
    • Trend reports
    • Trend reports by group

    We would like to be able to build our own reports and as another poster said, without the use of tags.  

  • Felicia Cantua

    My company is just starting to navigate through Explore and would love a reporting function based on macros. Our primary focus would be to identify who uses what macros, and usage/volume of macros.

  • Oliver Caruso

    We would also like to be able to report on Macros - When new features are released in our product, we often create several macros to answer questions that we think customers will want answers to. Being able to report will help us know which are/aren't effective. In general to audit our Macro list we need to know which haven't been used by the team regularly. 

  • Michael Cardamone

    I would like to see an option to notify the user/assignee when applying a Macro where it's already been used in the ticket. I would also like to see the option to report on Macros where it can also show you tickets where a Macro was used more than once.

  • Louise Dissing

    I would love to see this feature in Explore!
    If it would be a build in feature, we'd be able to take a deeper look into what macros are used and which ones are not - and by doing that we could keep our macros relevant and up to date, instead of having a big pile of macros.

    I know this is a big issue for multiple big companies, that has several administrators or agents with the right to create global macros.

    Do you have any updates whether this is going to be a feature or not?


    Louise Dissing
    Support Team Lead @helphouse

  • Plus one to many of the comments here.  Measuring macros is an important quantifiable insight into our business and would be helpful to have!

  • Greg O'Neill

    The ability to measure the usage of our Macros would be a very useful tool to monitor not only the most used but those that our Agent are not using so we can find out why these are not used


  • Max Brillanceau

    Hello, it is really important to us to have special insights or access to macros in Explore.


    +1 then !

  • Axel Mora

    It would be amazing to be able to have Insights or Explore measure macro usage specifically without the use of tags. What Vincent mentioned two years ago and the additional points that Heather made is critical info that we should be able to measure without tags. As a start, a way to export the data provided in the admin tab would be amazing. The data is already being provided, why not the ability to export?


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