Get open ticket for user without using search API

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  • Nisha GAnesh

    I am able to see the details using the 'assigned_tickets' method, but 'open_ticket_count' method is not accessible for user. This is what I am seeing now.

     total_assigned_tickets = ticket.assignee.assigned_tickets.count => 3020
     open_tickets_count = {|a| a.status == "open" }.count => 100

    But this count in 'open_tickets_count' received above does not match with: "status:open assignee:294").count => 2900

    Both the cases the assignee_id is same. Also when I tried to find specific groups ticket like:

     groups_count = {|a| a.group_id == "12345" }.count => 100

    It returned 100 here , but using search query: "group_id:12345 assignee:294").count => 3020

    So I am assuming a kind of pagination is applied when I do the count using select query. Not sure. 

    I am actually aiming for:


    can anyone guide here. Thanks!


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