Request - CC an email address without manually adding a new user

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  • Tim B.

    yes, this is super annoying!

  • Alan Chan

    Not only does it require you to Add the user but it's a really dumb popup in that it doesn't copy and paste what you just typed into the email field so now you have to type it a second time. Lame!

  • Alan Chan

    Oh, and it blocks out the ticket that you're working on so you can't read your ticket where the email address is listed in a previous response.

  • Jonathan del Strother

    It also seems to force you to type in a Name in addition to the email address, which I don't always know. Seems like a downgrade from the older pre-followers CC experience where you could just enter an email address into the CC box in the sidebar

  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    Agreed, ran into this today. It would be nice if it at least took the context of the email I was adding.

    For other community members out there, do you have your zendesk set to accept tickets from any users or just registered users? If the latter, I wonder if that may be why it forces creation of a user?


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