Support/Agent workspace: Allow redaction in internal comments generated by merge

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  • Zach Hanes

    We have this exact issue. This is a major functionality gap in the redaction feature.

  • Brian Ulmer

    I too would like Zendesk to enable this feature.

  • Minji Kim [Zendesk Admin]

    We need this feature as well.

  • Alex Albrecht

    it feels like a pretty big miss to me that this functionality was in the app that was replaced by the Agent Workspace update, and that update was forced on all users against their will, and the replacement app is missing the functionality. There is no reason this should be considered new functionality, it was already in the app and then it disappeared after an update. I'll upvote this, but we shouldn't have to ask for a feature we already had (and I checked the release notes and nothing in the agent workspace documentation says that this feature would go away).

  • Oliver Tietze

    It seems to be working now. Did I missed an announcement?

    Well after all it works.

  • Chris Wilbur

    For us, redaction works in regular internal comments, but is not currently possible for the internal notes from merged tickets. Not as common, but still an important aspect that needs the tool.

  • Steven Granner

    Hey Oliver Tietze

    I took a look at one of our tickets that were merged and I see that I am still unable to redact from the internal note posted as a result of the merge. I am able to redact from internal notes that agents post manually, but not the system-generated internal note for merges. 

    That seems to be what Chris Wilbur is reporting above. Is that what you are seeing too?

    Zendesk, this is very important to us! We need to be able to redact from system-generated merge notes or else our agents need to spent time requesting that we manually delete tickets that contain PII in merge notes. 


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