How we create new content using KCS in the ticketing process

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  • Prodigy Finance Ltd

    I'm curious on how you report on your various KPIs. Are these mostly insights reports?

  • Mary Paez

    1.  From Ticket UI - to show growth & ownership of KB. For # articles created (Draft & Published), I go into a ticket.  Along the apps side (right), there is an option to get the Articles created per agent.  This produces a simple csv where I can extract into Excel, format, and chart.  I show monthly and quarterly results.  I must run it on the last day of each month as there is no month filter to give me the end-of-month results if I am a day late.

    Caveat:  I notice when I click the Export button the first time, I get some results.  I actually have to click the button a 2nd time (to generate a 2nd downloaded file) to verify the results are correct.  I do a query in Manage Articles UI to verify the numbers on the 2nd file.

    2. From Insights:  I also use the Knowledge Capture app results.  We created a Dashboard with a month filter to let me get a list of all agents using KC app and how many creates, links, and feedback.  We created three reports on that Dashboard one for each geographic region.  We created a 4th report for each region that gives us the link rate info (# tickets with links and # tickets solved) for each month.  I have do do the division to actually get the link rate (which should be 65-85% industry standard).

    3. Answer Bot reports give me the ticket resoltution information.  We filter by date and type of support request.

    I have Quarterly ops review to do an entire summary of our metrics.  It takes me an entire day to update all my workbooks/spreadsheets and produce the summary information each month.  I gather and update all on the last day of the month (end of day).

  • Prodigy Finance Ltd

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I'll definitely have a look at that for my project!


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