Use Markdown in the editor to create Knowledge Center / Guide Articles?


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  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Markdown is not supported for Guide. I'll mark this as a feedback and bring it to the attention of our Product Managers. More information about where markdown is available can be found here Formatting text with Markdown.


  • Alex Duffey


  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lisa Parker,

    I'm happy to say that we are working on changing the technology underlying our editors in Guide and we'll add support for markdown in article editor in the future (probably next year). As you can see in the article linked by Dane, the markdown is already supported in Content Blocks and we'll keep extending it further :) 

  • Jordan Dayton

    Katarzyna Karpinska, this is great new! I just wanted to check in and see if this has been added or if it is still a priority to be added soon?

  • Stefan Schroeder

    We would be very interested in that feature too!

    We would like to use the help center for internal articles (agents only), in order to help with ticket handling but mainly as a big knowledge base. We already have documentation that is written in markdown. With the markdown support it would be an easy copy and paste to migrate it into Zendesk. 

    Furthermore it's much faster to create and adjust new articles with Markdown. The current style to write articles is rough, because you spend too much time on formatting to make it look nice and clean. Markdown would ensure to have an baseline to create nice looking and equally formatted articles in a fast way. It would lower the hurdle to motivate agents writing and extending articles.

    If you need input on how to implement markdown support, please have a look at the Obsidian app. The seamless preview-edit mode saves you a lot of back and forth clicking between edit and preview an article. Also the extension for creating tables easier is great.



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