In guide, in forms: put ticket fields side by side


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  • Abdul Qabiz (Diziana)


    As of now that's not doable without using javascript; we don't recommend doing that. You can build your custom form, and use Zendesk API -- but then you have to maintain another piece of code; and you might not be able to use various other features (conditional fields, etc.).

    Thank you

    Abdul Qabiz


  • Raphaël Péguet -

    Dear Abdul Qabiz (Diziana) thank you for your feedback, I had an answer on another article by Ifra Saqlain and here was her answer: 


    you can get it by CSS, pick the ID of your fields which you wanna set side by side and add the given CSS.

    .request_subject {
    margin-right: 10px;
        float: left;
      width: 35%;

    Only for example but you need to add your custom field's classes and set the width per your requirements.


    I took the class of subject field and description field and then add css code to style.css file.




    Thank you both! 



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