Wants to Hit my custom api whenever user installs by zendesk support app.

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  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Srivastav,

    This is not currently possible, unfortunately.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!


  • Anton

    ... unless you have the paid app - in this case you can configure stripe webhooks. 

  • Surabhi Srivastav

    Thank you, Tipene Hughes  and Anton, for your response.

    I'd like to provide further details about my issue:

    My Zendesk support app is currently live on the marketplace. I want to receive an email notification whenever any Zendesk user installs my app. Additionally, I would like to keep a record of users who have installed the app.

    Based on your response, it seems that achieving this functionality directly within Zendesk may not be possible. So, I'm looking for alternative methods to get a list of users who have installed the app or to implement a functionality that triggers an action whenever a user installs the app.

    Regarding the role of the requirements.txt file, as per my research I found that this can hit my own api whenever user installed the app. Please provide any clarity on this.

    {  "targets": {    "an_email_target": {      "title": "An example email target",      "type": "email_target",      "email": "foo@bar.com",      "subject": "Hello, from this target!"    }  },  "webhooks": {    "an_example_webhook": {      "authentication": {        "add_position": "header",        "data": {          "password": "hello_123",          "username": "john_smith"        },        "type": "basic_auth"      },      "endpoint": "https://example.com/status/200",      "http_method": "GET",      "name": "An example webhook",      "request_format": "json",      "status": "active",      "subscriptions": ["conditional_ticket_events"],      "signing_secret": {        "algorithm": "SHA256",        "secret": "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"      }    }  },  "ticket_fields": {    "support_description": {      "type": "text",      "title": "Support description"    },    "number_of_issues": {      "type": "integer",      "title": "Number of issues"    }  }}


    I hope this clarifies my requirements.

    Thank you in advance for any further assistance you can provide.



  • Surabhi Srivastav

    If you have any furture question or doubt , just let me know


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