Determinação da versão da sua conta do Zendesk Chat

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  • Marcelo Lopes

    I would like to better understand how I can differentiate whether my client is using CP3 or CP4, I did not see much difference in the explanation, but I see differences in the availability of topics within the chat for configuration ... I just don't know which CP ... can you help me?

  • Aubree
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Marcelo,
    Chat Phase 3 and Phase 4 are practically the same. Chat Phase 3 and Phase 4 are really just chat product 'phase' plan_settings which we use to identify an account based on the timeline they were created and how it was created.
    With Chat Phase 3, Chat can be added to a Zendesk account with Support already. Chat fully operate within the Zendesk ecosystem without the need for a Zopim account (the Legacy Zendesk Chat).
    Chat now becomes a “product” that can be “enabled” in a Zendesk account.
    For Chat Phase 4, Zendesk accounts do not require a subscription to Support anymore and can be provisioned with Chat product only. Hence, it was described as Chat-only or Chat + Support, available after October 24, 2018.

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