Automatically Populate custom ticket fields when one field is set manually

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  • Mike Davis

    Have you looked at using triggers w/webhooks? We do something similar, where update the ticket with organization address, and other custom field values. 

  • Mira

    Oh, interesting. I have not looked into this (I'm not an Engineer and JSON is foreign to me), but this might be a solution our Engineering Team can help with...

  • Margaret Boisvert

    It would be helpful to be able to have this happen as the form is being filled out so that you can see what fields are being filled in, rather than having to wait until the ticket is submitted and then having the fields filled in.

    Basically, it would be conditions that populate a field rather than make it visible

  • John DiGregorio

    Has anyone found a way to fill in organization data at the ticket level before the ticket is saved?   

  • Kieran Thorpe

    Id love to be able to do this too. Using the workaround above isn't feasible as that means I cant set the fields I want to be filled in as required opening us up to sloppy ticket logging.


    John DiGregorio - Not sure I'm following what you mean? Could you explain in a little more detail?

  • Kieran Thorpe

    Sorry i know this is ages since you asked me to clarify but i missed your response.

    as i understand it, Using a webhook will only apply at the point of a ticket update being submitted, this means that any fields we want to intelligently populate based on a previous fields answer cannot be set as required fields, in our cases there are also going to be scenarios where some answers result in it being populated but some that would not - however i would not then want agents to have to option to just leave the field blank.


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