Hinzufügen von Supportadressen, unter denen Benutzer Tickets einreichen können

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  • Juergen Wagenbach

    We have configured support addresses with different domain names due to historical reasons. Is there a possibility to configure a "reply-to" mail address which differs from the configured and possibly still in use old domain name address which might be used by a requester.


    There might be the following support addresses configured:

    The "reply-to" address always seems to be the same like the "from" address by such configured addresses.
    We would like to configure "support@newdomain.com" as the "reply-to" address even if users still have send their requests to "support@olddomain.com" or local domains. Is there a way to configure a different "reply-to" address for the configured support addresses?

    Kind regards


  • Izabella Stepniak

    is it possible to delete the supprt@outdomain.zendesk.com address,as we don't use it or is it mandatory to have it in our email settings?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Izabella,

    This is mandatory to have on your account so there wouldn't be a way to delete this. If you prefer not to use this email address, I would recommend setting up an external support address instead as mentioned here: Adding support addresses for users to submit tickets

    I hope this clears up any confusion!


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