Feature request: individual submit buttons instead of drop-down

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  • Dylan Williams

    +1 would be great for users not using Chromium browsers too


  • Dominic Shelton

    As the extension developer I endorse this, it would reduce my burden to update with Zendesk UI changes without disappointing my 1800 users.

  • Chris Zhu

    This would be a great in-built feature!

  • Beth McLennan

    I love this extension and am sad every time it stops working, even for a moment. Please make this a built-in option!

  • Jan Urban

    I would also vote for this feature! Please add it to Zendesk. Thank you. 

  • Agree you. This feature is helpful.

  • Laura Inostroza

    Considering Zendesk is not the most accessible for visually impaired users, I also feel like this feature would be an accessibility win!


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