Duplicate existing chatbot flowbuilder

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  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    @Nick Vemmal,
    As of the moment, you are only allowed to copy and paste steps on the same flow. As it turns out, there's no feature yet to directly clone a flow. I'll mark this as a feedback to have the attention of our Product Managers. Let's hope that other users has the same use case to drive the demand even further. 
  • Sierra Lite agent

    I second this request. 

    I would also like to test and play around with a flow without losing the original copy

    This would also be extremely helpful when setting up a bot for different, but very similar brands. We have over 5 brands that would require essentially the same flow but with slight tweaks (such as switching out links to one appropriate for the current brand)


  • Thanos

    Hey! Also here would love to be able to duplicate/clone/copy this, for enterprises that work with multiple brands, it can be really hard to repeat this process 80 times..

  • Allison Sargent

    Same here - It would be nice to clone the flow. Other vendors have this capability. And as mentioned above, it's tedious to have to build the same flow from scratch. 

  • TESmart.01

    Hi, yes, we need to clone the bot. Really need a backup.

  • Simon Blouner
    Community Moderator

    We second the option of cloning a flow.

    It's really needed for instances where there are multiple brands, with very similar flows needed - just like several people are stating in the above comments.


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