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Answer Bot impacts both the end-user's and agent's experience, and can provide useful data in reporting on the effectiveness of the feature.

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Understanding the end-user experience

With Answer Bot enabled, the end-user receives an automated email response to their support request that looks like a standard auto-response, with some additional information:

From here, the end-user can click any of the linked articles, or on the View article button, to view that content in a new tab, or read the entire content of the top-linked article from within the email.

If the end-user finds one of the articles helpful enough to completely answer their support request, they can click the Yes, close my request button. When an end-user clicks this button, the article opens in a new tab, and a message appears informing them their request has been closed. Because the support request is closed, the end-user should not expect to receive any more communication about the request.

If the end-user does not find the answer to their request in any of the suggested articles, they can simply ignore the response buttons, and their ticket will be handled as usual.

Understanding the agent experience

Agents can see Answer Bot results, and of the end-users response, in the comment stream of the support request:

Agents can then assess the value of the answers given, and improve the algorithm from the comment stream.

To improve the Answer Bot algorithm

  1. In the ticket's comment stream, click the Improve Answers button to open the article selector.

  2. Click the to remove any off-topic articles.
  3. Click Done. Removed items still appear in the list of suggested articles, but are noted with a red X.
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