Best practices: Preparing to use Answer Bot

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  • Cody Stephenson

    Will there eventually be an option to exclude certain articles using labels instead of just include them?  We have several years of weekly release notes as help articles that are drowning out other useful suggested answers, it would be ideal to just add a "releasenotes" tag to all of them to be ignored, instead, I have to go to every single one of our other articles and label them "notreleasenotes".  Excluding entire categories or sections would be even better.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Cody!

    I spoke to Mike about this and was able to confirm that we're not currently planning on adding any blacklisting functionality to the AnswerBot. However, that doesn't mean we wouldn't consider it in the future.

    I looked for a similar suggestion in our feedback forum but wasn't able to find anything. I'd definitely recommend that you hop over there to share your idea and detailed use case. Then other customers can vote for your suggestion and share their own use cases, and our Product Managers will see it as well.

  • Kathryn Leparik

    This article says the deflection tab would be added to insights 48 hours after this is turned on. I have the deflection tab in my insights, but the feature has not been turned on.



  • Nick Dushack
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Kathryn!

     The data within the Insights deflection tab is generated based on use of Answer Bot within triggers. What this means is that in order to get data on Answer Bot, you will need to modify some of your notification triggers to include Answer Bot placeholders. 

    You can find information on how to implement Answer Bot into your triggers through its Setup article, under the 'Creating or Modifying triggers to include Answer Bot' section. Once you have these triggers setup properly, you will begin receiving data as those links get used.

    I hope this gets you in the right direction, let me know if you have any other questions!

  • Erika Warren

    In the "write the right articles" section, I'm interested in how you recommend people actually do your suggestions, particularly the 2nd one.  

    • Review common tickets that were just answered in one touch: Could there be an article for those that would have allowed customers to self-solve? Go write that article.

    I've yet to find a view where you can see and analyze one touch tickets. Haven't gotten any suggestions from Support either.  Thanks in advance.

  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Erika, if you are familiar with Insights (Zendesk reporting tool) you should be able to create a report that lists tickets that have been solved using only one comment update.

    Above I've created a report that:

    HOW: Shows Ticket id and Ticket Subject. You can click the ticket id to open any ticket in the list.

    FILTER: limits list to tickets that have been created this month and has less than 3 updates and have at least one public comment (don't know if the initial comment by the requester counts, if it does this filter is redundant).

    This should get you started with analyzing which tickets are solved by one message.

  • Jeremy Flanagan

    How can we use article labels to segment what gets sent to users via Answer Bot? Scenario: We restrict Guide Content through Organizations and tags (based on user field values), and are worried that Answer Bot may send article links to users who can't access them.

  • Stephen Fusco
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Jeremy, 

    Answer Bot checks user permissions before suggesting an article so you should not run into the problem of an end-user being suggested an article they do not have access to. As long as you've set up the restrictions on your articles as outlined in this article you should be good to go! 

    Thanks for your question. 

  • Kate McDonald


    Is there a way to make certain articles more likely to be selected as a response by answer bot in response to a specific question?

    For example, a customer asked a general question related to "categories". We have several articles about categories and the bot selected responses that were very specific, but didn't pick the overview article which would have been most useful.

    As another example, if ever anyone mentions "training" we'd like them to be suggested a specific article about Training. 

    Is there anything we can do to make this happen? Labels? Or do we need to keep telling the bot that it's answers are not correct, until it finds the one we want? 

    Thanks! Kate

  • Jeremy Flanagan

    +1 We'd love the ability to suggest articles to answer bot in the ticket. Perhaps this could be woven into Knowledge Capture?

  • Alex Cates

    Is there a way to add tags to the tickets solved by answerbot depending on the article that solved the customers request?

    For instance, if a customer asks about what countries we ship to, and answerbot delivers and solves that question with the relevant knowledgebase article, can we have the tag "shipping" added to ticket?

    We use the tagging system extensively as a way to monitor trends in customer questions and update our provided materials, and would have to manually go through the solved answerbot tickets to add in the tags manually if this is not possible.

  • Mary Paez

    Question #1:  Support Agents are supposed to respond to Answer Bot to let it know if any of the three article recommendations helped resolve the ticket. Here is a scenario:


    Customer writes a couple paragraphs of text into the ticket.  The actual problem or question is at the bottom of the text (not at the top).  When they ask the question it may represent the actual problem but also may not.

    I'm assuming Answer Bot is not reading all that text and tries to determine article matches by the subject and start of the information they have typed.  Is there a way, when the ticket is first looked at, for the Support Agent to write in the actual question or problem so Answer Bot can try to find a better match based on correcting the problem/question?  

    Seems that would help the customer write more targeted questions and also enable AB to find the right article.


    Question #2:  If none of the three articles solve the problem, but there is another article in the KB that would have solved it, is there a way for the Support Agent to tell AB to use that article next time? (Maybe AB didn't find the article b/c of the problem above)

    Please advise.

  • Celicia Fiedler

    We'd like Zendesk to demo Answer Bot.  Can you email the demo link or does a Zendesk rep need to demo Answer Bot.  What are the costs associated with answer bot?

  • Cyrup

    In terms of writing "succinct" articles, to what degree does an article count as "too long"? I was editing this article today into 3 main sections: 

    But I get the feeling it's too long. At the same time, if I broke this down to have "Guild statues" as a separate article and did something similar for the rest we would have too much content in the Guilds and events section.

  • Mary Paez



    1.  I do not see a Deflections tab as described above.  What is needed to see that?

    2. We are not seeing great results with Answer Bot (1.9% - Level 1 Support & 0.4%  - Level 2/3 Support resolve rate).  But, for the 1.9% --> we are seeing a click-thru-rate of 45%.  For the 0.4% --> we are seeing a click-thru-rate of 11%.

    We would like to get the resolve rate up to at least 10%.  How can we do this?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Mary -

    Answer Bot reads the first 150 characters of the question. The only way for the Agent to change the user's question to make it more readable by Answer Bot would be for them to create a new ticket, rewrite the question, and set the requester as the end-user who submitted the original ticket.

    Regarding your second question, the way that the agent would impact the result would be to flag the article that should have been served and suggest a title or other change that would make the article more in alignment with the question as the user asked it. Ideally, you would want the title of that article to match the way the user phrased the question as closely as possible. If Answer Bot isn't serving up the best article, the article itself probably needs to be improved.

  • Ibrahim


    I want to use {{answer_bot.article_count}} and {{answer_bot.article_list}} in a Notify Target action.

    As I understand all triggers that are to fire upon the same triggering event are evaluated and then fire 'together'. 

    I have following scenarios:

    Scenario 1:

    • Event: Ticket is created:
    • Action: Trigger 1: add some links and information in email reply+ Suggest AB articles to requester + set Tag ab_fired + Notify Target (internal) of suggested articles (with above placeholders).
    • Result: the target doesn't receive the list of suggested articles.


    On the other hand if I change the above to:


    • Event: Ticket is created
    • Actions:
    • Trigger cycle 1:
    • Trigger 1: add some links and information in email reply + Suggest AB articles to requester + set Tag 'ab_fired'
    • Trigger cycle 2:
    • Trigger 2 (fires on tag 'ab_fired'): Notify Target (internal) of suggested articles (with above placeholders)
    • Result: Target receives list of suggested articles.



    • Are there runtime issues that cause the first scenario?
    • If the 2nd scenario is the correct way to go, then can you confirm that the suggested list in Trigger 2 is always the same as the list suggested in Trigger 1, i.e. will the placeholder always only return analysed results of the first comment sent by the requester, or will it now (in Trigger 2) also analyse all text in all preceding comments  (this would include the links and information added to comments in Trigger 1) in previous trigger cycles?


  • Shai Sy Dimayuga
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Ibrahim,

    There could be several reason as to why Answer Bot may not be suggesting articles. We'd love to check on this further so a separate ticket will be created on your behalf where we can continue look into your given scenarios.




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