Best Practices: Using labels in Answer Bot triggers

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  • Kyna ( Team)

    Hi Zendesk team!

    I was thinking that using conditional Fields together with the AnswerBot via Web Channel might be a good way to filter AnswerBot article suggestions. 

    Is there a way for me to do this currently?
    Example on the Web form, I have a Ticket Field which has a corresponding tag. Could this tag be used as a label for the article so that AnswerBot fires it as a suggestion every time the specific answer to a Ticket Field is selected by the end user? 

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Kyna,

    The native behavior of the Answer bot uses what the customer types in and searches for related articles. Would you like to control the suggested articles using tags or conditional fields? if yes, you may do so using advanced custom coding. Unfortunately, we don't have a native way to do it but Answerbot API would be a good starting reference.

    All the best!


  • Roderick Shireman-Jones

    There still seems to be a lot of open question about this. I even ugraded my account for additional options.

    What I did:

    1. Added use_for_answer_bot to every article I want the answer bot to reference.
    2. Then went to the Answerbot I have active and when to [Configure & Test].
    3. Added the lable and click DONE

    I think the button should be called "SAVE" maybe because those mean to very different things. However I do se the label is not there under the configuration botton.

  • Amelia

    Hi Mike! When I go to create my triggers and I click "test and configure" the three article suggestions pop up with no problem. However, there is no option to select add articles there is only an option "done". When I click that and return to my trigger set up under "list of article labels to be included" it says there are no labels currently set. How do it fix this?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Amelia,

    If I'm understanding this right, it sounds like you may not have set any labels on your articles? If so, here's how to do that: Using labels on your help center articles

  • Arno (EMEA Partner)

    Edited - Solved - Sharing the solution!

    This article states:

    This article covers three scenarios for using labels in triggers to better target article suggestions in your web forms. For information on using Answer Bot labels in the Web Widget, see Configuring Answer Bot for the Web Widget: Filtering Answer Bot suggestions by label.

    If I go to that article, it has nothing about using labels to filter out answerBot results with web widget. Seems like the mentioned topic has been removed?

    We have received instructions from Zendesk support to use following API settings filter out the articles shown by answerBOT in widget:

    Works fine! Thanks for Zendesk's support team for guidance!

    So, we added label 'answerbot' to articles that we wish to show in widget, and added webWidget-settings accordingly:

    window.zESettings = {
      webWidget: {
        answerBot: {
          search: {
            labels: ['answerbot']

    You might want you your own label(s) or include the setting as part of earlier settings, but if you have done this before, should not be a problem.

    If you would like to use multiple labels to define the correct article set, it is possible - just a example of the syntax:

    answerBot: {
            search: {
              labels: ['answerbot', 'answerbot_focus', 'answerbot_only']
  • Andrew


    Q1) Is it possible to exclude articles from answerbot using labels without having to assign a include label to everything else? 

    For example, exclude the internal agent training section we have. 

    Q2) We have many people working on articles daily and I'm looking for a better way to maintain this other than periodically bulk mass editing articles to re-push the answerbot inclusion label on them. 

    Can a label be assigned automatically by Guide Sections/Categories?

    Thank you for the help,




  • Roderick Shireman-Jones

    It's not, you would think this would be way easier to implement than the reverse. We upgraded a few months back and the additional help center features all of you to bulk select articles and assign labels to them, this is the only solution right now and you have to remember to do it for every article you create. So still a pan but time is cut down. I hate to say it's 1 of 2 reasons we upgraded. The Article review and assignment features are really helpful if you have a lot of people in the Help Center. may require some training and process but might help in your case.

  • Chad Pryor

    Is there any way to instruct Answer Bot to do one of the following two things to exclude specific content?

    1. Do not serve articles that are restricted to a specific User Segment
    2. Do not serve articles that are in a specific content section

    I've read about a dozen articles today on this topic and I don't think there's any possible way I can do either of those things, and I just need to do one of them in order to solve the problem I have which is our customers are getting served our internal articles by Answer Bot.

    I do not want to bulk tag 200-300 articles to be included in Answer Bot search, I would like to exclude the 10-15 internal articles we have for employee training.


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