Removing Web Widget (Classic) from your website or help center

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  • Jason

    Our site is currently set up with the chat widget disabled. If I go to Admin --> Channels --> Widget, then I see all selections are set to off:


    But when I go to a web browser and log out (to test the user experience), I see there is still a chat widget enabled:


    I want to totally disable and remove this widget. How do I do this?

  • Karen D Snyder

    I can think of two more things to check:

    1. If you click the Setup tab in Admin --> Channels --> Widget, is Add to Help Center off?

    2. Have you removed the code from the web page as explained in

  • Jason

    Thanks, Karen. I checked the admin settings and found the widget is turned off:


    Since the widget is only showing up in our Help Center and not anywhere else, I'm guessing that this means I have some code somewhere that is causing this. I mean the code behind the Help Center. (I'm using the Copenhagen theme, by the way) But I cannot find anywhere in the code that includes this. Do you know of a way to do a text search of all the code?

  • Karen D Snyder


    If the Web Widget button is showing up on every part of the Help Center, the code for it is probably in document_head.hbs, and if it's just on some parts, then it's probably in the template corresponding to those pages.

    You can search the code, by exporting the theme, which creates a zipped folder. You can then extract the zipped folder to a folder that will contain all the theme files. In my case, the code is in a folder called Main, as shown below (the .git,.gitignore, and are there because I use Git for source control, and the .vs is because I use Visual Studio):

    From there, it depends on what application you use to edit code. For Visual Studio, I right-click the Main folder and select Open in Visual Studio. Then in Visual Studio I can use Ctrl+Shift+F to search all the files.

    There are other code editors such as Sublime, or Visual Studio Code, that presumably have the same type of search function. You would right-click your folder and open it in the code editor, and then you should be able to search all the code..

  • Jason

    Thank you! I didn't realize you can export the source. 

  • Annie Liley



     I have never heard of ZENDESK and all of a sudden a ZEN Desk "GET HELP" icon has appeared at the bottom of my browser.


    I have no idea how it got there and no idea how to get it off.


    If I click on it, a chat window opens up saying "Zen Support" but when I ask it how to remove the icon, it is only and automated "bot" that does not know the right information.


    How the hell did this get on my computer and how do I get it off?  I do not understand any of the directions given above.



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Annie -

    Are you seeing this on multiple websites or just one?

  • Annie Liley

    Actually it is just one by the looks of things -


    but it wasn't showing on that site 24 hours ago?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Annie,

    Most likely this website you've shared is using our product which is why you're seeing Zendesk there. I can confirm nothing has been installed on your computer and this is just a widget set up on the website. There's no way for you to remove it from your end since it's hosted by the website you're trying to access.

    I hope this clears up any confusion!

  • William Smith

    Hi Zendesk team –

    These instructions are clear, but they do not align at all with my Zendesk Chat administration UI.

    I'm trying to temporarily remove/disable the Chat widget from my Wordpress site while we continue to set things up. Here are the discrepancies:

    • I don't have an "Admin" icon... it's a "Settings" icon (looks like a gear/cog)
    • There is no "Channels --> Widget" item... there is a "Widget" item, though
    • There is no "Customization" tab in the Widget section... there is an "Appearance" tab, though
    • There are no settings for toggling on/off Contact Form, Chat, or Help Center

    I'm either looking in the wrong place, or I'm using a different version of the Chat tool.

    I have "Chat Badge" set to "Off," but the chat badge doesn't turn off. I have also removed the widget code from my website. I had added it to just a single page (our support page), but when that happened, the widget appeared on every page on the site.

    It's still there, and I'm at a loss as to what to do to switch this thing off. Can you please help? Thanks.

    Site in question:  (

    – Bill

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Bill! Sorry to hear this is happening and that it's proving confusing too! It sounds to me like you are reconfiguring settings in your Chat account, when what you need to do is follow along with the steps in your Support account. Try clicking the four-square icon at the top of the page and make sure you're in Zendesk Support. Then, the instructions you see here should match up with what you see and allow you to disable the widget. 

  • Roberta Balaita

    The setting inside my account is slightly different from how presented in this article. For those of you who have it the same, this is how I have deactivated the chatbot form the help centre pages:



    2. When in admin console

  • Aubree Rose Mia
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Roberta,

    Thank you for sharing this. We appreciate it. Since Messaging is enabled in your account, there's a different way to disable the Widget. Please note that the Web SDK replaces the classic widget when Zendesk messaging is enabled. For more information, please check this article: Working with messaging in the Web SDK  

    I hope that helps!


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