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  • James Rhea

    For "Total number of section levels" = 5, is that true for Lite, Professional, and Enterprise, as this article's heading suggests? When I browse to the Arrange Articles page I see "Subsections for Enterprise: Use subsections to structure up to five levels of articles. That's deep."

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi James - 

    Thanks for calling that out. Flexible Hierarchies, which is the functionality that allows you to create additional section levels (or s"sub-sections") is only available on Guide Enterprise, and does have the 5 level limit. We'll see if we can make that more clear in the way the article is written. 

  • Jennifer Rowe

    Sorry for the confusion James. I've updated the article to make it clearer which features are Professional and Enterprise or Enterprise only. Thanks for calling our attention to that!


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