Changing your ticket ID starting number

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  • Chris

    Can we add a Prefix or Suffix to the numbers?

  • Catherine Michalak

    Even though I have deleted all tickets in my account, I cannot reset the number back to 1. Any advice?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Catherine - 

    That is expected behavior - re-setting the number on tickets that existed before - even deleted ones - breaks certain things in the system, so it is hard-coded not to let you reset your ticket number lower than the existing number of tickets. 

  • Catherine Michalak

    Thanks Nicole,

    This last sentence by the article author is what confused me:

    If you delete a set of tickets, then change the ticket ID counter to lower than a deleted ticket ID, new tickets could be created using the deleted tickets' IDs.

    But I figured it wouldn't go lower after trying to use a lower number than the number of tickets created in the tool.

    Thanks for confirming!

  • Enrique G. Albamonte

    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately It doesn't seem to be possible to either add a prefix or sufix within that ID field. 



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