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The Zendesk Support for Wordpress plugin includes a comment form that you can add to the Wordpress administrator dashboard so that your site users can easily submit support requests (see Setting up and using the Zendesk for WordPress plugin). By default, only your registered Zendesk Support users can submit requests. You can however allow your Wordpress site users who are not also Zendesk Support users (considered anonymous users) to submit support requests.

There are several easy steps to set this up:
  1. Enable anonymous ticket submissions in the Zendesk Support for Wordpress plugin.
  2. Choose an existing administrator or agent who is also a user in your Wordpress site to act as the delegator for anonymous requests.
  3. Have the assigned agent sign in via the Zendesk Support widget to authenticate their account.

This delegator role is simply a means to access your Zendesk Support instance and submit the request on behalf of the anonymous user. Depending on how you set up Zendesk Support (open or registered users only), the requester may also be required to register and create a login so that they can follow up with the ticket.

Note: Anonymous requesters are never aware that their request was submitted via this delegator; it's all done under the hood via the Zendesk API.

When you're setting the visibility permissions for your Wordpress site users (see Setting the dashboard widget visibility by user type), you should allow all agent users to see the ticket widget on their Wordpress dashboard so that they can sign in and be authenticated via the widget, which is required to set up this delegation.

The delegation agent needs to login here before they can be assigned the delegator role:

To allow anonymous support requests
  1. Log into Wordpress as an administrator.
  2. Select Settings from the Zendesk panel.
  3. You should have first enabled the contact form for one or more types of users via the visibility settings described in Setting the dashboard widget visibility by user type.
  4. Select the Anonymous Requests check box.
  5. Select a agent from the Anonymous Requests By drop-down list.
    Note: Only agents that have logged into Zendesk via the widget are shown in the list.
  6. Click Save Settings.

Anonymous users can now submit requests using the contact form on the Wordpress administrator dashboard.

Follow up on requests submitted via this form are handled in Zendesk Support.

Another way to create tickets for anonymous users is to convert blog comments into tickets (see Converting a blog post comment into a ticket).

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    The setup and using guide for the plugin is here:  Setting up and using the Zendesk for Wordpress plugin

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    Thanks for the plugin, looks very interesting.  I would love to put the contact form on my blog's support page to allow anonymous visitors to submit tickets.  Any way I can do that?


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    The contact form only works on the dashboard, but you can add a dropbox to your support page. 

    Take a look here: Setting up and using the Zendesk for Wordpress plugin.

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    Yea, saw that.  I was really hoping for the form rather than the tab.  It's a key component of the support page - I'd like to highlight it and build around it rather than have it hide/show.  

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    I've been searching for a solution but there seems to not be a readily available way to do this... am I right? It would have to contain the dynamic search/suggestion functionality to be really useful.

    I lieu of that, can I have an HTML button on a page that would launch the same overlay as the docked dropbox?

    I believe customers expect to have access to a contact form on a contact/support page. Providing a button docked to the side of the page may not be enough for less savvy users.

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    Sigh. I keep seeing the following error in WordPress:

    Whoops! The user specified as the anonymous requests author is not logged in to Zendesk! You can change the user or kindly ask them to log in.

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    If I uncheck Select the Anonymous Requests check box, the error goes away. And it still allows anonymous users to submit at ticket. I thought unchecked, this would require users to login before submitting a ticket. It seems to be doing what I want now, but it's counter intuitive to me...

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    I believe I've follow the instructions to a tee to authorize anonymous requests, however when I test the support tab on my WordPress website with a test request, I get the following error message:


    Sorry, there was a problem submitting your request. Please try again later.

    Can you help?

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    I agree with "I believe customers expect to have access to a contact form on a contact/support page. Providing a button docked to the side of the page may not be enough for less savvy users."

    It's also a desing issue. The dropbox doesn't follow iPhone and other smaller screens.

    Hoping for a cure

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    I am having the same problems as the commenters before me. It is worrying that these issues have not been fixed in the passed two years. The instructions, if followed, do not work. Zendesk your a support company, why can't you support your product? 

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    @Razvan - Great question!

    In order to have a dynamic search, you would need to use the code in found in the Feedback Tab, or build a custom search query that would interact with your Zendesk via the API.

    I think though, that you can save a lot of time and money by simply calling the Feedback Tab from a static image, or link on your site. This article will help you link your Feedback tab to an image, or to a chunk of text on your site.

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    @Dennis - Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, sir!

    Per the instructions in this article, I think what’s happening is that you may have a closed Zendesk, or based on your later comment– that you need to select an Agent to assign the comment to:

    I think this article should help get you going, thanks for reaching out!

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    @Jayne - Sorry to hear that, it might have been a momentary issue. I’m reaching out to you now in a ticket- see you in a moment!

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    @Thobu - thanks for reaching out! - That is a good point, but the Feedback Tab is not designed for the mobile experience, as you can browse the forums and submit a ticket via the mobile experience. If you’d like to enable your Mobile Site, please check out this document.


    Regarding adding a static link, you can do so via the instructions found here.

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    @Joshua - I'm sorry you feel that way sir, if you're having trouble, I'd love to help! - I'm reaching out to you now on a ticket.

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