Setting up and using the Zendesk Support for WordPress plugin

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  • Terry Hale

    Hi all,

    Last update to this plugin was 8 months ago. Any news on ongoing updates to make it compatible with latest WordPress version? Would really like this in a forum site I am creating, which will include companies that use Zendesk so that it can be integrated directly into their private forums.


  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Terry,

    We were able to install this with the latest version of Wordpress, despite the warning messing, so you should be able to use it.

  • Shlomo Asaf

    Hey @..., Terry Hale got a point. This plugin haven't seen an update for more then a year. Its lack of features (like creating custom tickets) and force you as a zendesk paying client to purchase solutions provided by other plugin developers.

    Besides that, wordfence warn regarding the plugin and does not allow to use it.

  • Shlomo Asaf

    The plugin have not not been tested against the last 3 major WP versions. It might have security bridges. And I guess it has, if wordfence alerts regarding it.


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