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    Cheryl Schmelzer

    I've integrated my Wordpress and Zendesk accounts, and I enabled the Web Widget. When I click the button, I only see the Contact Form. I do not see the Help box first, where I can type search text and see a list of topics in Zendesk that match.  I am linking to a sandbox version of Zendesk. I created a temporary Zendesk site, and when I configure my Wordpress site to work with that site, it works fine.  Is there a setting in Zendesk that may be disabling the Web Widget?  Thank you.

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    Shannon Anahata

    Hi Cheryl! 

    This sounds like you don't have the web widget configured to display Help Center articles. To turn that on, go to your Zendesk account, Admin (the cog) > Widget > Configuration. 

    Once there, make sure the Help Center button is switched on. Since you say you tested the same widget on a test account and it works, we may need to investigate further into what's specifically going on with your account. Feel free to open up a ticket with us if you continue to have problems!

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    Cheryl Schmelzer

    Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for the response.  After some additional testing, I realized that I wasn't seeing the search results because our Zendesk site requires a login.  Then I found that there is a beta version of the plugin that does support restricted sites. I sent a request for a download of the beta plugin, but I have not gotten a response yet.

    Thank you!!

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