Jira: Updating a ticket when the status of a Jira issue changes

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  • Jean-Marc Massou
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    Hi simply question on the JIRA side :

    How to retrieve the Zendesk Ticket ID linked to the jira issue ?

    Is there a custom_field maintain by the plugins ? Or other way.

    It is in relation whith others questions about reporting and so on.

    In my case it is particurly for "JIRA AGILE" the rapidview doesn't present the option to have a link (linked issue pe..) or just the #ID of the Zendesk ticket.

    So users have to open the JIRA ticket to have access to that information...


  • DJ Yoder
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    This functionality stopped working for me about a month ago.  The plugin / linking is working just fine from within the issues/tickets.  Is anyone else having this issue?  All of my Post Functions are still there that were working previously and the workflow in JIRA hasn't been modified. 

  • Yuri Mylis
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    Hi Jean-Marc,


    Please refer to this this article.



  • OpsHub Dev Team
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    Hi Barry, Steve, James, Katie and Kurt

    We support seamless out of the box integration between JIRA and Zendesk.

    - Status updated in Jira can sync to Zendesk and vice a versa(Bidirectional).
    - We also support comment sync from JIRA to Zendesk as internal notes.
    - Enable/Disable integration at your flexibility.
    - History Supported.
    - Sync attachments and links.
    - No additional API configurations.

    You can reach out to us for your custom demo here: http://www.opshub.com/demo-request/




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