Open vs. pending and on-hold tickets and why you should care

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  • Larissa Postolan

    Do we have the ability to add a manual field option to this list?

    for example: Duplicate (or closed as duplicate)

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Larissa - 

    I see that this is your first post - Welcome to the Zendesk Community! I encourage you to head over to the Welcome Thread in The Lounge to introduce yourself.

    To answer your question, the ticket statuses are not customizable. There are a few workarounds, though none that change the status from the user side. Let me know if you'd like links to where other users have described how they handle it. 

  • Terrie Culmsee

    Hi there,

    If the agent has assigned a new ticket to herself, but has not looked at the ticket - is this now an open ticket? 

  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Terrie!

    Once a ticket is assigned to an Agent, it automatically switches from New to Open, unless the Agent chooses a different status, such as Pending.

    I hope that helps!


  • Terrie Culmsee

    Thanks, Jessie.

    I would have thought, from a reporting point of view, it would be better to have it sitting as new until the agent starts working on that ticket.




  • Stephanie Sweet

    When a ticket is "On-hold" if a customer sends in a response - such as asking for an update, does the ticket stay on-hold or does it update to "open?" 


  • Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Stephanie! Welcome to the Community!

    The ticket will be changed from On-Hold to Open, unless you've set up a trigger to automatically change it back. I would recommend against that; doing so would make so your agents won't know that a customer has updated the ticket.


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