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    Hi All! May I ask what this new Rich Editor means for markdown in agent signatures? Now older replies have the old formatting as regular text and it looks terrible. We would love to switch over but will miss our custom signatures with links and images terribly.

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    Laura D.

    Hi Chris,

    Old replies should still be displaying properly - are you seeing Markdown characters in old replies? If so do you have a ticket example?

    Once you turn on the rich text editor we will process any Markdown you have (in signatures or macros) before applying text to the ticket. We're running it through a converter so that the Markdown is translated to HTML.

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    Jason Rhodes

    Has the processing stopped on this, as it's been listed at 50% for more than 24 hours. I keep checking my ticket settings and then coming back here to see the progress, but it has said "We are currently at 50% of all accounts as of October 6th." for more than 24 hours.....

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    Laura D.

    Hi Jason,

    We're actually at 70% as of yesterday afternoon, we forgot to update this article after increasing the number. We're continuing to rollout so we'll probably increase that number again this afternoon or tomorrow. Thanks for hanging in there!

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    Ravi Kant Verma

    Are we able to embed images in the ticket update. Like with Mark down we use to embed images where ever we need.

    with rich text what option do I have to use ?
    I can attach and that works fine.

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    Laura D.

    Hi Ravi,

    With the rich content editor you can drag and drop images directly into the comment field. When you start to drag in a file from your desktop you should see guides appear in the Zendesk tab that let you know where to drop the file depending on if you want to attach it or add it inline.

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    Hani Azzam

    I have "formatting options for agents" enabled (via Settings>Tickets) but when I send an email, it still appears in the requester's inbox as plain text (links not included and italics appear like _this_ rather than in actual italics). Any idea as to why this might be occurring and how it can be remedied? Thanks

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    Oliver Knigge

    We have the same problem like Hani.

    We have enabled the Rich Content Texteditor and if we use any formattings of the editor, it will be showed as plain text in e-mail notifications.

    For example if you have a bold text, it will be showed *bold* in the email.
    Tables looking terribly. 

    How can this be solved?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey, Hani and Oliver! I'm really sorry for taking so long to respond.

    The most common culprit in these situations is that the wrong placeholder is being used. You'll want to make sure that you're using ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted in the Email Body section of your notification triggers. If you're using any ticket comment placeholder without "formatted" at the end of it, your rich text formatting will not render in outgoing notifications.

    That should take care of the problem! Let us know if you get stuck. :)

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    Oliver Knigge (Edited )

    For us, the ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted placeholder does not exactly what we want. As we want our e-mail notifications to look like real e-mails, we use the comment.value placeholder in our business triggers. The agents signature will be added via Liquid after the comment.value in this trigger. Using the ticket.latest_public_comment_formatted placeholder, our e-mail notifications won't look like real e-mails anymore. because it includes the date/timestamp and the agents name. 

    The problem is explained in detail here:



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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Oliver!

    If you want your notifications to look like regular emails, we have a Support Tip that will show you how to do that! You can find it here: Setting up an unformatted email template

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    Oliver Knigge

    Hi Jessi, 

    sorry for the late answer and thanks for the hint. 

    But this workaround will also not help completely. You will also have the name of the agent and the timestamp in the e-mail (above the comment.value). As we have this information in the usual e-mail header or in the agents signature, we do not need that in the comment section of an usual e-mail. 

    We have now activated the Markdown-Editor for our agents. As our agents do not know the liquid codes to format the comments, it looks like the old editor and nobody will use formatting options. This helps to prevent our agents to use formatting options, therefore our e-mails are looking still good :)

    Greetings, Oliver

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hey Oliver! Thanks for letting me know what you figured out! That seems like a pretty clever workaround. :) Let us know if you need anything else!

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    Jon Roberts

    Is there any progress on migrating this to a per-user setting?

    It seems ridiculous that this is a company-wide setting, since that forces developers and non-developers to agree on their preferred method of text input -- something that will never satisfy either group.

    As a temporary measure, could we have a code/preformatted option in the wysiwyg editor?

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    Jessie - Community Manager

    Hi Jon! Welcome to the Community!

    To the best of my knowledge this isn't something that we're planning to do, but it's an interesting idea.

    I checked in our Product Feedback forum, and I didn't see a similar suggestion there. I'd encourage you to head over there to share your suggestion and detailed use case. This will help our Product Managers understand why this is important and what problem it would solve for you.

    We've also written an article with some helpful tips for providing useful feedback, which you can find here.

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    Søren Rynkebjerg

    Isn't it possible to edit settings, so pictures and formatting are show correct when reading tickets on Zendesk support iphone app?

    As it is now, pictures aren't shown, but listet as: "!()httos//cdn.igamges..............png)

    Looks fine on the computer.

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    Diogo Maciel

    Hi Søren!

    Markdown is currently not supported on iOS. You can create a product feedback, so the feature may be implemented in the future, in the page below




    I hope this helps!

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