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  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Denise,
    I'm afraid there's no attribute for support addresses so it's not possible to report on this in Explore. A workaround is to use triggers that will tag tickets or set a custom field value based on the received at address, and leverage that in your queries. You can check out this article for more information on this: Can I report on the received at address in Explore? 
  • José Caldas

    Builder and messaging bot into your websites and your help center. Need to be fixed..

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Oops! Fixed now. Thanks for letting us know, José Caldas!

  • Nancy

    Hi Jennifer, just noticed that there's a Channel called: Closed Ticket. Could you help provide a bit more info on this? thanks!

  • Hiedi Kysther

    Hey Nancy,

    The channel called Closed Tickets, are for follow-up tickets. This is for when your customer replies to a ticket that is already solved and closed. As we all know, closed tickets cannot be updated anymore, so it'll create a follow-up ticket and the closed ticket will be the ticket's channel. 

    I hope this helps! 

    Hiedi Kysther


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