Using business rules to share tickets (Professional Add-on and Enterprise)

professional plan add on and enterprise plan

In the standard version of ticket sharing, sharing agreements can be created between Zendesk account and agents can manually share tickets to another Zendesk. In Professional and Enterprise, you can create business rules that automatically share tickets with another Zendesk. This is key to enabling multibrand management (see Setting up to manage multiple brand Zendesk accounts) . Multibrand is available as a Professional Add-on and Enterprise.

However, its use is not restricted to multibrand management. It's equally useful in simply sharing tickets with another Zendesk. In addition to the ticket sharing conditions that are available in standard ticket sharing (Ticket channel is Ticket sharing and Ticket update via Ticket sharing), Share ticket with is available. Once you've established ticket sharing agreements with other Zendesk accounts, you can select the name of the Zendesk to automatically share tickets with.

You can of course use any number of conditions as the criteria for sharing tickets with a specific Zendesk account. In the example above, the image_sensor tag was added via a custom field in the support request form that prompted the end-user to select their problem type.

The actions share the tickets to the specified Zendesk account and also add a tag that will be used in other business rules to track the shared tickets. For example, you can create views and reports that track shared tickets, as in this example:

This demonstrates the importance of also adding a tag that identifies the other Zendesk account when sharing tickets. This of course can be done manually via a macro or in a trigger, as in the example above.

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    Can tickets be managed between a zendesk help desk and another system's help desk?

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    Very confused this is an Enterprise-only feature. Seems that it should be made easier for Zendesk customers to work together!

    We have a support partner in another time zone. Our workflow included a trigger to assign tickets from customers in that area to an agent we made for our partner. When the partner also got a Zendesk account we were excited this would be streamlined further. However, it's a backwards step because we're "only" on the Plus plan and can't automate sharing tickets with them. Disappointing.

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    we currently use ticket sharing to transfer tickets from Zendesk to our bugtracker. I would also be very interested to now whether any ticket sharing agreement can be used or whether this feature allows sharing only between to Zendesk instances.

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    @Gail - Ticket sharing is only available between Zendesks. If you wanted to transfer ticket data between systems that could be possible with our API (

    @Sebastian - I understand that in this situation it is a reduction in functionality. However, your partner has a complete Zendesk now which allows them to do much more than simply having an agent in your Zendesk. You can still manually share the tickets.

    @Jens - If your bug tracker has an integration with Zendesk then it may work through ticket sharing. You can see the full list of integrations at If it isn't listed there, then you could use the API to connect these systems. More information is at

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    One of our software suppliers uses Zendesk.

    Since we switched our support as well to Zendesk we are not receiving any ticket updates from them anymore. I guess it ends up in Suspended Tickets due to our triggers mailing theirs and vice versa.

    The above seems like a solution. Would it work for us?

    We are the one usually creating tickets into their Zendesk via their help center.

    Who has to set up what. Our partner or us?

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    @Wouter - you are able to check your suspended ticket queue so please take a look and confirm what you see. If your updates are there, what is the reason for the suspension?

    Ticket sharing does not sound like a solution as this is designed to be tickets shared between agents. In your case you are an end user. I would start by investigating (perhaps with their help) where the updates are going and move forward from there.

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    Hi Wouter,

    You cannot send out any email notification from one Zendesk account to another Zendesk account. Email notifications coming from a Zendesk account will get hard rejected, meaning it does not even show up in the suspended ticket view. Why? We do hard reject these tickets, because if the ticket was created, then it would create a loop and many more tickets would get unnecessarily created in your Zendesk account.

    A more efficient way to share tickets between two Zendesk account is to set up a ticket sharing agreement between both accounts. Unfortunately I don't know enough about your use case to be able to recommend you if you would need automatic ticket sharing or manual ticket sharing. 

    You can find more details in the article below :

    Sharing tickets with other Zendesk accounts


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    Hi Colin and Jenny,


    It's quite confusing that we get different information at the moment. To clarify:

    • We do not see any suspended tickets (just like Jenny said, they seem to be hard rejected)
    • We are two seperate companies and we need only our supplier to send us ticket updates from their Zendesk
    • We have their Zendesk set so that all ticket updates go to our support@ address, which is our Zendesk account now. 

    It seems quite unfriendly how companies who both use Zendesk cannot work together in this case.


    Can you please clarify how we can solve this? At current, we get no updates at all! Tomorrow I have a meeting with their London office and hope to get this figured out.


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    Hi Wouter,

    Sorry if this is confusing. As you cannot send email notifications from one Zendesk to another Zendesk - I would really recommend you to set up ticket sharing. If the ticket sharing is only one way, then they have to setup a sending agreement under Settings > Tickets > Ticket Sharing and you will have to accept this in your account in order to receive their tickets. If you have to share tickets both ways.. then you both have to set up a sending agreement and the other account has to accept to receive the tickets.

    If this other account is on the Enterprise Plan.. they can setup a trigger to automatically share a ticket to your Zendesk account whenever a certain condition is met (eg based on a tag.. or based on a certain organization .. or based on a certain email address they are receiving the ticket at) Otherwise they will have to manually select and share the tickets.

    I hope this helps!


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    Given what Jenny has told us relating to two Zendesk systems interacting I am not sure what to suggest, sorry. However let's make sure we give jenny as much detail as possible. Please confirm if I have this correct....


    Wouter send an email to a vendor. This email becomes a ticket in and an notification email is sent in reply. The reply address is hence ZD does not allow the reply to go through.


    I am guessing you are using the to capture the email discussion at your end. 

    Ticket sharing may work in hindsight. You would create a ticket in that would be shared with Whether you would want to sync status would be down to the relationship between you and the vendor.

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    Our company has recently come across the same issue with emails being 'hard rejected'. We did not realise that the company we were CCing tickets to was also using Zendesk. Therefore the other company never saw our messages, and we never saw theirs to us. We have now setup a sharing agreement with them.

    Instead of simply a 'hard reject', I would suggest that some sort of notification/ticket be created that suggests or even provides a simple 'one-click' ticket sharing agreement to be created.

    As Zendesk popularity grows, I can see this becoming a bigger issue in future.

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    I wanted to suggest an enhancement to this feature. It would be really helpful if we could set a trigger to UNshare a ticket.

    My reason for wanting this is that I send tickets over to a secondary zendesk using a macro/trigger combination. Once the ticket is shared, I do not need to see any further actions on the ticket, and having it stay open/on hold in my primary zendesk is cumbersome, as is manually going into each shared ticket to UNshare and subsequently Solve it.

    Ideally, the process would be:

    1. Use macro to append "share" tag to ticket
    2. "share" tag activates trigger to share ticket with secondary zendesk and appends a second tag - "shared"
    3. "shared" tag activates a final trigger that UNshares the ticket with the secondary zendesk (after they have already successfully received it) and Solves it in the primary zendesk

    I feel like this would be easily possible if under "Perform these actions" the "Share ticket with" action included an option to share the ticket with "-" (null) or an option to "Un-Share"

    Thanks for considering this, and if there is a better way to accomplish what I've outlined that already exists, I'm all ears!!

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