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Zendesk Support customers can create sharing agreements between Zendesk accounts, and agents can manually share tickets to another Zendesk. In Zendesk Support Professional and Enterprise, you can create business rules that automatically share tickets with another Zendesk.

This is key to enabling multibrand management (see Setting up multiple brands). Multibrand is available as a Professional Add-on and Enterprise. However, the benefits from ticket sharing are not restricted to multibrand management. It's also useful to simply share tickets with another Zendesk.

While all Zendesk Support plans allow you to share tickets and set up sharing agreements with other accounts, your plan type does determine how you can use ticket sharing in your business rules:

  • Professional and Enterprise customers can use "Ticket sharing" as a condition in their business rules, and only if they have an active ticket sharing agreement in place.
  • Only Enterprise customers can use "Share ticket with" as an action in business rules, if they have an active ticket sharing agreement in place. Professional users cannot use this value as an action:

You can of course use any number of conditions as the criteria for sharing tickets with a specific Zendesk account. In the example above, the image_sensor tag was added via a custom field in the support request form that prompted the end-user to select their problem type.

The actions share the tickets to the specified Zendesk account and also add a tag that will be used in other business rules to track the shared tickets. For example, you can create views and reports that track shared tickets, as in this example:

This demonstrates the importance of also adding a tag that identifies the other Zendesk account when sharing tickets. This of course can be done manually via a macro or in a trigger, as in the example above.

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    My ask is similar to Jordan, but kinda the reverse. I'd like to have the feature he mentions as well by the way.

    I would like to set up a Trigger or Automation to fire upon the REMOVAL of ticket sharing. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Or does anyone know of a Community request to add that feature so I can pile on with my use case?

    Or does anyone know of a Zendesk add-on or 3rd part application which could hide the Sharing field entirely for a subset of agents? << if I could do that I could prevent un-sharing by "limited" agents and have them effectively submit a request to unshare via a Macro which would notify admin agents and also add/remove tags.

    My use case is that when an agent removes ticket sharing, I'd like to be notified/have an approval process and I'd like to remove certain tags which I have set up to be applied upon sharing. These tags cause the tickets which are shared to show up in certain views but now when tickets are un-shared they still show up in those views because I can't remove the tag automatically. It seems very strange that we can create rules to trigger upon application of ticket sharing but not upon removing ticket sharing.

    Thanks in advance :)


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