Automatically redacting credit card numbers from tickets (Professional and Enterprise)

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  • Chris Chapman

    Can you address if the card numbers are redacted if the credit card/bank information is provided on an attached document (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)?

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Chris!

    This will not redact anything in ticket attachments. You do, however, have the option to redact the attachment itself.

  • Zac

    This is a highly useful feature, but we also find it redacts other items such as EAN numbers for identifying products. For some businesses, that is important information and it's very difficult to correspond over email without being able to easily pass that information. It would be helpful if this feature more narrowly focused on credit cards, instead of all number sequences 12-19 digits long. 

  • Steven Johnson

    Hi, is there a way to set up a rule to not redact numbers within a set pattern? For instance, gift card numbers are being redacted through Zendesk (their numerical pattern must be similar to credit cards), but they shouldn't be.

    Just curious - all our gift card numbers follow a set pattern, so was wondering if we could set up a rule where numbers that start with "123456" (as an example) not be redacted.

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Steven!

    I'm afraid it's not possible to set up a rule or filter like that. Are your customers emailing you or submitting their requests through a ticket form? If you're using a ticket form, you could get around this by creating a custom field to capture gift card information. 

  • Mark Hinson

    hi Jessie,  

    Once a number that a end-user has provided in an email has be recognised as a potential c/c number and it has been part masked.  Is it possible for some Agent users to still see the number and some, maybe restricted by Role, to not be able to see the number, or are the numbers blocked for every user?

    thanks, Mark

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Mark!

    This feature is all-or-nothing...if it's enabled, it's enabled for everyone; there are no role restrictions that can be used to make that data available some users and not others.

  • Andrea Rodriguez

    We think this is a great feature (since our clients frequently send us their direct deposit information!)  However we work with UPC bar codes and EAN (which are either 12-13 digits long) and we are finding those numbers redacted. Is there anyway we can get around this feature for these particular cases? We correspond with 3 party clients and the way we identify a product is by UPC number. 

  • Molly

    Hey Andrea,

    Unfortunately there aren't any customization options with this setting. You might want to check out the Ticket Redaction App which is manual but allows you to be selective. 

  • Kalpesh Shah

    This is a useful feature. Is there a way to redact the security code and expiration date as well?

  • PJ Sto. Domingo

    Hey Kalpesh! This particular feature focuses only on the credit card information, but you would be able to manually redact certain information on the ticket such as the expiration date, or the security code using the Ticket Redaction App. Thanks!

  • Emily Harris

    Is it redacted before the ticket is opened/ read or only after ticket status changes? For example, if we wanted to see it initially to update the customers account but don't want it to save.

  • Jorge Marcos

    I had received notice that the Ticket Redaction App was due to sunset after October 2019 as it is a Framework V1 app.

    As part of our workflow, we are required, by our contract requirements from our client, at times to selectively redact Personally Identifiable Information (Specifically certain respondent names and passwords) immediately when they appear in a Zendesk Ticket.  Often times, instances of PII arrive at our desk outside of our control, when they are sent directly by our respondents - thus our need for this app to be functional.

    We have a business critical need for selective redaction that is outside of scope for the credit card redaction feature described in this article and we need to be notified of either a timeframe for V2 app migration of the Redaction app to Framework V2, or an alternate solution as soon as possible.

  • James Sanford

    Hey Jorge!

    The notification email you received includes a link to v1 app removals, alternatives, and future plans which outlines that we are in the processing of migrating this app to the V2 Framework.  If you wish to be notified when this timeframe is officially communicated please hit "follow" on our Announcements section so you have visibility for this information as soon as it is available.

  • Justin Autrey

    Does the redaction also work in the Chat Widget during a live chat as well? Or will it only redact the CC number once the transcript is created as a ticket? 

  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Justin,

    You can enable CC redaction directly within the Chat dashboard by navigating to Settings>Account>Security as mentioned in the following article: Hiding credit card numbers in chats and chat history

    Once this option is enabled the CC number should be redacted both within a Chat session as well as the transcript.

    Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  • Dee Quilliams

    Is there a certain amount of time it takes for the auto-redaction to occur? I just did a couple of tests, using numbers that I know will pass the Luhn check, and they were not auto-redacted even though I enabled auto-redaction about 15 minutes before doing the tests. 

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Dee -

    Have you done the whole clear cache and cookies and restart process? If not, give that a go. If so, let us know if you're still having trouble.

  • Lance Le Roux

    Hi there, I would like to know if a ticket has been redacted, is there a way for an Administrator to un-redacted the ticket?

    Case in point, we have a customer that states they never gave us a particular card number. But as this is redacted we cannot go back and prove this.


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