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    Is there a way to disable the spam filter for selected organizations?

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    Maggie Ungerboeck

    Is there a way to designate a particular email domain as NOT spam? We have users who are posting from a particular email domain that keeps getting marked as spam even though it isn't. Or is it just that after so many Not Spam clickings, the software will learn that this email domain is safe?

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    Jason Schneid

    Hi,  I have a starter plan and I keep getting emails directly to my support at from Russia.  Always the same couple of messages from different email addresses.  Anyway to block these?

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    Hi Jason!

    You would want to suspend those users, and any new spam users. You could also change the setting so that users are required to register before submitting a ticket (see here). That should help a lot!

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    No, no it wouldn't. Bots can easily be configured to register before posting -- we've had a massive problem with that in the last week and have filed a ticket for additional support, but I just wanted to put it out there - the spam filter DOES NOT WORK properly, nor does requiring registration for tickets or community posts.

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    Michael Weeks

    Just use Zendesk's captcha feature?

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