Allowing Zendesk to send email on behalf of your email domain

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  • Stuart Buddrige
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    +1 @Mike Purcell

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Mike,

    You'll want to take a look at the following article but I've gone ahead and copied the relevant information over for you as well: Sending Zendesk email from Amazon SES servers

    If you are using the Gmail Connector in conjunction with the Send email via Gmail feature, then the zendeskverification code is not readily visible to you. If your account's connection to the Gmail Connector is disrupted for any reason (rate limits being the most common issue), then Zendesk will begin sending from our servers, where DNS records will come into play if you wish to maintain a branded experience for your customers.

    This verification code must be recovered from within the agent interface. These codes are domain-specific and must be gathered for each unique domain or subdomain used by your support addresses.

    To recover a verification code:
    * Open Admin > Channels > Email, disable Send email via Gmail, and Save your changes.
    * Copy the zendeskverification code that is now visible under Verify DNS records and paste it to a text file where you can reference it to add your DNS records.
    * Re-enable Send email via Gmail and Save your changes.

    If you have any questions or problems, open a support ticket at account and grant temporary access to your account, so Zendesk can see what you are seeing. ​​

    Hope the above helps!

  • Jonathan Haldane
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    We are hosted on AWS and within the Route 53 console I have followed the instructions with regard to the SPF settings such that I have entered the following as  TXT (not as an SPF as recommended on this board above)

    v=spf1 ?all"

    However, nowhere in the information posted above here:

    does it say what value to enter as the "Name" when you are entering the above TXT entry per the screenshot below.

    What do you insert for "Name"?


  • Kay
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    Hi Max,

    Can you shine a light on this:

    Feature Request - Fail SPF record validation on too many SPF lookups

    - Kay

  • Forrest Hoffman
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    So how will we know WHEN we can remove the SPF and the TXT validation entries in DNS?

  • Sean Cusick
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    Hi Forrest, we recommend that you subscribe to the Zendesk Announcements page, where all information concerning Amazon SES account migration completion will be posted:

  • Forrest Hoffman
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    But why would we not expect that the exact Article telling us Why were were making the changes to conform with Zendesk feature changes to reflect the updates and timing.  I already Follow this Article because it was what I was told to follow to ensure I was in compliance. I get enough e-mails regarding updates, and was softly scolded:

     "We noticed that despite multiple attempts to alert you of this important change, your account has not yet been updated.This article explains those changes and what action you should take in preparation. These changes must be completed byApril 30, 2019 to prevent any changes to the way your customers receive emails from you."  

    However, I found no evidence of previous contact regarding the changes or lack of action on my part.

    Can you please try to consolidate the information and documentation to a single place?

    In my estimation I have spend about 20 hours of my time ensuring all of my records are in place and configured properly.  I would like to stop worrying about when the transition is complete.


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