NPS Best Practices: Analyzing your Net Promoter Score℠ results and taking action (Professional Add-on and Enterprise Add-on) Follow



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    Jon-Paul Ciambra

    Hello Jennifer,

    I'm interested in creating the "NPS trends over customer tenure" example that you have in your article. Can you please help me with the setup?

    I would hate to send out the survey before having the correct fields in place for this type of reporting.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Ryan Winkler

    Hey Jon,

    Did you run into a hangup when trying to follow the guide? I would be glad to help with that. While the guide lays out 

    I took a look into your account and didn't see a setup for the tutorial. Try out the guide, so we have something to reference, and we can help you out with any hangup!

    Check out these guides to get started on insights to use as reference points:

    1. Getting started with Good Data
    2. Other Insights Recipe's (for reference)


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    Jon-Paul Ciambra

    Thanks Ryan.

    This article is a great overview of what one can do with NPS reporting but I can't find a guide that shows me how to generate each of the example reports and what custom fields may be required for each report. 

    When I jump into the "Getting started with good data link" it looks like i need a separate good data account to download the samples. I tried using my zendesk credentials but that did not work.

    Your assistance is appreciated.



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    Ryan Winkler

    Hey Jon,

    Open your Zendesk instance, Go to Reporting > Insights > GoodData link . That will authenticate you on Gooddata with your account. Once that session has been initiated, you should be able to see everything no problem!

    Let me know if you run into any pitfalls!

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    Phamyen Hsdvc (Edited )

    Many thanks Jennifer for your sharing :)

    My company have applied NPS (and ask reasons for rating) in customer survey for 8 months and current NPS is about 80. (Survey and result are summarized on monthly basis.)

    We have just 2-3% detractor and it's quite stable during time. So I find it hard to analyze or make any action plan.

    Could you please recommend us for better use of NPS? Or is it necessary to keep conducting this survey?

    Look forward to your response!

    Thank you so much!

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